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Our Updated Sample Policy

The Gin is In is run by gin fans, for gin fans. I’m not in the marketing industry. I don’t do any distillation; I don’t have any “connections” or “ins.”

But we do accept and actively encourage distilleries and distributors to send samples. My readership is overwhelmingly located in the United States (nearly 90% as of December 2011), so our unique take on gin is to focus strongly (but not exclusively) on the exciting and rampant gin innovation. that is happening stateside.

What we can promise is that:

a) we will review your gin. I encourage you to send marketing materials, but I will first review the gin blind. I try not to read a list of botanicals, or the recommended cocktails. I taste it neat, taste it on the rocks, make a few classic cocktails. b) your gin will likely appear in other posts too. When I mix cocktails, make videos, or share with my friends, I tend to use whatever I have on my shelf. So unless your gin ends up getting consumed by my friends at a gathering (it has happened) you’ll likely appear in other posts throughout the upcoming months.

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