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Salty Dog Cocktail w/ Breucklen Gin

In studying the Greyhound/Salty Dog cocktail in depth, it occurred to me that there may be a way to really accentuate the fresh grapefruit flavor by using a gin which really emphasizes grapefruit among its botanicals.


I’ve previously spoken very highly of Brecuklen Distilling’s Breucklen Gin. It has a slightly higher alcohol percentage than other gins. At 90 proof it stands mixing extremely well.

I felt based on the first time tasting it that the dominant flavor in this gin was the grapefruit. While other gins dabble in this flavor, Breucklen is the boldest that I have yet had.

So how did the cocktail work? Grapefruit + grapefruit = grapefruit. The outcome of this rather obvious (in hindsight) equation is that the drink takes on a “one note” character. The thing that is lacking is that spicy juniper punch that normally balances the greyhound.

This is why I took the Salty Dog approach and added a bit of kosher salt to the rim. The salt takes the edge off the grapefruit a little bit, but it wasn’t enough to really balance the cocktail.

Breucklen Gin works well in so many cocktails, but in this case I think my cocktail concept suffered from a little bit too much of a good thing.

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Cocktails by Consensus: The Greyhound/Salty Dog

The greyhound cocktail is squarely on the frontline of the war between gin and vodka. If Martini is the general then surely the gimlet and the greyhound are the foot soldiers. Common and extraordinarily simple to make (liquor + fruit juice) these are the drinks that largely define the average drinker’s decision to buy a vodka or a gin.

Person in the liquor store: So let’s see. Gin goes with tonic, but vodka goes in Screwdrivers, Greyhounds, Gimlets, Martinis. Vodka’s more flexible, give me some Absolut!

Aaron the Gin Blogger: let’s see, vodka is good for screwdrivers, but gin goes in martinis, gimlets, greyhounds AND tonic. Gin’s more versatile, give me some Tanqueray!

The Greyhound Cocktail

Cocktail MusingsWiredGinLe GourmetSimply Yummy Gin2 oz.1 part Grapefruit Juice3/4 oz.3 parts1 grapefruit4 oz Maraschino1/4 oz. Sodasplash Vodka2 oz.2 oz. White Grape Juice"some" GarnishFresh ChiversLemon Slice

Back to the Drink So what does the public think about this? Slightly more than half of the sources I found cite vodka and only vodka as the liquor in the Greyhound.  Many that do mention gin also point out that vodka is a common substitution. As for what else goes in the Greyhound, all bets seem off.

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