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Cocktails by Consensus: Pink Gin

The Pink Gin is a deceiving cocktail in only one way: the name

The word “pink” doesn’t conjure up notions of strength and potency. But in this case, it should. For the uninitiated Pink Gin is a cocktail which dates back to the British Royal Navy. Similar the Gin & Tonic, where the quinine was designed to help stave off diseases, the Pink Gin also evolved for medicinal purposes. Angoustra Bitters supposedly alleviate seasickness, and to make the bitters more palatable to Navy conscripts, they added gin. Lots of it.

Pink Gin

  Elizabeth Stewart Wikipedia David T. Smith David Wondrich Gin 1 Pour 1 "part" 50 mL "Pour" Angoustra Bitters Few Drops 1 dash 4 dashes "Generous Few" drops          

A seemingly easy to make drink

The recipe is rather unwavering in terms of ingredients: Gin + Bitters. (It’s a very very dry Churchhill martini¬†with a dash of bitters). But how many bitters? All bets are off. While Wikpedia lays claim that the original recipe is 1 part gin: 1 dash bitters, the definition of “part” seems up for grabs. From there, it seems that the only thing that everyone can agree on is that you probably need more than one drop of bitters.

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