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Gin News [November 22nd, 2013]


Thanksgiving is right around the corner for those of you in the states, and Hanukkah as well. So although none of this week’s articles or launches celebrate either of those two holidays, there’s a couple of new gins out there: one from the US, another from the UK, one from Australia and a Canadian launch as well. So truly a worldwide sort of week in the world of gin.

What’s New?

Who Else is talking about gin this week?

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Royal Dock of Deptford, Navy Strength Gin


Navy Strength gin is enjoying something of a resurgence. So-called because Navy myth has it that at 114 proof, if your gunpowder was soaked in this gin, it would still ignite.

In modern times, we’re not so concerned with storing our gin in our artillery room. And we’re not so worried about gin spilling on our ammunition. And then we’re even less worried about igniting said ammunition after being soaked in gin. But what we are concerned with, in these heady days of multi-ingredient cocktails with strong ingredients is having a gin which can assert its gin like qualities even when mixed. Can Royal Dock of Deptford live up to its Navy Strength name?

But first, what is Deptford? Deptford is a district in the city of London in the United Kingdom. The district of Deptford was home to the aptly titled Deptford Dockyard, which was one of the best known dockyards of British Royal Navy. So Navy Strength Gin from a gin from the Royal Docks of Deptford.

Royal Dock is not actually the brand name of this gin. This gin is from Hayman Distillers in London. Now that we’re past the small print, let’s get on with the gin.

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