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Cap Rock Gin

cap rock

I normally don’t like to make generalizations. Especially about spirits and their creators. Everyone is different, unique and adds their own spin to things.

But in this case I’m going to make a generalization about Colorado Distillers. Water source is a very important part of what makes their gin. We’ve seen other distillers like Spring 44, and on the larger world scene names like Martin Miller’s who make a big deal about where their water is sources. But for some reason in Colorado, if you’re going to read about a gin [or beer, or any other spirit from this region] don’t be surprised to hear that the water that went into the drink is important enough to warrant mention.

In this case it’s the spirit’s actual name: Cap Rock which references the water which has gone into it. A Cap Rock is a hard impermeable layer of rock, which often covers over another rock formation of softer more permeable types. These underlying rocks are often home to gas, petroleum, or even water. These protected sources don’t bubble to the surface and therefore, in the case of the spring water in this are considered to be quite pure.

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