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The Clover Club Cocktail

GinuaryDavid Wondrich @ esquireWashington PostProfessor Cocktail Gin50 mL2 oz1.5 oz2 oz Lemon Juice30 mL1/2 oz1-2 tbsp3/4 oz. Simple Syrup20 mL Sugar1/2 tsp Grenadine1/2 oz. Egg Whitehalf of one11 large1 Raspberry Syrup3 dashes3/4 oz. Raspberries6 Garnishfresh raspberryMint Leaf InstructionsFirst muddle raspberries. Then dry shake to emuslify egg white. Then add ice. Shake again and strainShake well with ice, strain. Shake well with ice, strain. Dry shake for 10 seconds. Then shake with ice and strain.

Imagine my shock to realize I have not yet covered one of my favorite cocktails in my long running Cocktails by Consensus series. The Clover Club is a sweet, frothy when done properly, crowd pleasing gin cocktail. And yet, despite its easy-drinking profile and pleasant flavors, it never has quite caught on to the same sort of fame as the fruity margarita or the pleasant cosmopolitan. My suspicion is that its definitely the raw egg.

Across the board, everyone agrees that egg white is vital to the cocktail. Most, but not all, bartenders recommend “dry shaking” the egg before hand to create the froth. Though, beware! When eggs are shaken, they release gas and may cause the shaker to explode!

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