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Spirit of the Coquet: Myrtle Gin [10 Years Aged]

coquet aged gin

Today we have something special, something quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And perhaps, simply because it is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen this gin should be something special and rather exceptional. At a time when aging gin is rapidly catching on, with several distilleries experimenting with their first batches often time aging gin for up to 6 months, but usually less it seems an astonishing find to come across a gin which is aged nearly 20 times longer than what would normally be considered “old age” for an aged gin.

And if this were a whiskey, imagine how much that might cost. if the average age of a good whiskey is 4 years, then to put this into scope, this is the equivalent of an 80 year old bourbon. Truly remarkable, right? And possibly quite expensive.

Except Aged gin hasn’t quite caught in that regard. So despite the length process what we have here is a remarkable oddity in the gin world: unique for its age. But let’s say we took it one step further, if you weren’t buying it for the age and novelty, might you buy it for the taste?

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