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Top 10 NYC Bars for Ginlovers

# Last Year 2 Years Title —

1 1 1 Dutch Kills    My enduring favorite happens to be in my home borough. But one visit and you’ll see that this isn’t just blatant homerism. Good cocktails and the well educated bartenders have a seemingly endless list of “boozy gin cocktails without dairy, saved straight up.” 2 2 2 Amor Y Amargo  Though not really a “gin bar” and not really just a bar as much as also a “bitters showroom,” good gins often play a key role in Amor y Amargo’s cocktail concoctions. 3 3 – Madame Geneva  Though recently enduring a lot more competition in New York city for the title “best gin selection,” Madame Geneva’s nearly 50 gins are if not the city’s biggest, definitely in the top 5. Combine that with one of the best feels and largest sitting areas, its one of the city’s best gin dens. 4 – – The Gin Palace  Though some of you might get me for having the two places which specialize in gin at 3 and 4, it should hardly be considered a check against these places. Though the selection is slightly smaller than Madame Geneva’s, and has slightly fewer American made gins, it had a few more obscure entries.

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Negroni Week: The Awards

As I’ve talked at length about Negronis both this week and over the course of the nearly 2 year history of this blog. So I thought, why not declare some of my favorites.

Best Individual Negroni (at a bar): The Winter Negroni at Raines Law Room. (written about in June 2011)

The cocktails on the menu rotate seasonally, so I wouldn’t expect to walk in there and order this drink today. In fact, although I wrote about this in June, I first sampled this delightful cocktail in Spring of this year. The point of difference that made this cocktail stand out was limited edition Beefeater’s Winter Edition gin, with nutmeg and citrus which caused it to really stand out. But also the expert preparation and the full-glass circular ice cubes that Raines’ Law Room uses.

Best Place to Order a Negroni (any Negroni): Amor Y Amargo(written about July 2011)

Between the housemade Vermouth, the wide array of Amaros and an expert selection of classic gin this might be one of the best places I know to order a Negroni. The wide diversity in ingredients, which most bars treat as a specialty item and have perhaps one kind of vermouth; one kind of bitters.

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