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Cool Gin

cool gin bottle

That is NOT colored glass my friends. This gin is actually purple. Not as purple as the bottle is at right. But it is a light pastel violet hue.  Surely unlike any gin that I’ve ever had in this regard.

Once again, here we are in Spain on the bold frontier of contemporary gin. Surely anything goes and as Cool gin will show, sometimes anything works too.

Notes on drinking Cool Gin:

The nose is floral and sweet. Lots of berry, creamy. Hints of strawberry, blackberry and custard. Very inviting. This is not your grandpa’s gin. Heck, the nose makes it seem like it may not be gin at all.

Floral on the tip of the toungue, vanilla and crisp buttery bread, juniper really shines and peaks quite strongly. Berries, ebb and flow, coming in towards the end of the palette with an almost boysenberry note. The finish is a bit heat, definitively aware of the alcohol in this drink, and juniper lingers, Faint jammy note at the end. Wow, this is interesting and bright. Unique and more definitively contemporary than perhaps all but a couple of gins out there right now.

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