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The Confederation Cocktail

confederation cocktail

While on our recent vacation to the Canadian Maritimes, I did my best to try as many local/regional products as possible. “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” Something to that degree I think. One of these things which caught the eye of the Gin Wife and I was a Maple Dessert Wine from Rossignol Winery on Prince Edward Island. On its own, its sweet, with a hint of caramel, burnt brown sugar, maple, and young port. Nice, but perhaps a touch sweeter than we were able to drink a whole bottle of in a single sitting.

Enter my gin tasting. I had only a small set of basics for writing up the few gins I couldn’t bring back*: tonic, soda, and of course anything else we picked up along the way. Other things [such as the Maple cream liqueur] didn’t quite stick around long enough for me to use in a review. But this local wine, I didn’t want to go to waste, so I did a little bit of on-the-spot cocktail creation to give me a) another lens with which to look at the gins I had to try and b) and an excuse to come up with a Prince Edward Island inspired cocktail.

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Gin Reviews

Strait Gin

strait gin bottle

For today’s we review we look to our [my] Northern neighbor, Canada. It too has seen a surge in microdistilling and craft spirits in the past decade. The Myriad View Artisan Distillery has been in operation since 2006 and was Atlantic Canada’s first gin distillery. Their gin is based off of the triple distilled Strait Gin with a series of international botanicals added to a fourth distillation in their copper pot still.

The bottle proudly says “London Dry Gin” with a picture of London bridge in the background. So I’m expecting something classic right from the get go. Let’s open it up and see….

Taste A nice bit of spice on the nose, a good deal of juniper. Juniper, lemon, as well as notes of cinnamon and sweet baking spices. Nice, but not straight forward classic.

The taste has a bit of heat, bottled at 51%, this is not surprising. But the flavor is nice and well balanced: Lemon and baking spices at first on the tip of the tongue, a rising bit of heat. Pleasant and warming but nicely balanced. The flavors are clear but not too loud. Juniper is most clearly characterized here in the mid notes, and the finish begins with heat fading, a warm hint of vanilla and almond, creamy spice on the close.

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