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Seagram’s Gin and Juice, Original Citrus

Pre-mixed cocktails have an allure that is easy to get.

When you’re throwing a party and you don’t feel like mixing drinks. Your friends don’t feel link mixing drinks. But you’re not going to be drinking beer. Or wine.

For some reason this specific place in the market seems vastly unserved. Seagram’s Gin and Juice line isn’t new, but yet it doesn’t have many competitors out there. You want a pre-mixed gin drink? This is pretty much it folks.

But let’s get down to it. It’s bright yellow and a fairly robust 35 proof. But how does it taste. I’m going to stay true to my usual format for consistency sake, although I can think few people would bother to comment [or care] about the nose on this.

Tasting Seagram’s Original Citrus The nose is fake citrus for sure. That distinct sour mix scent. Lemon, lime, neither distinct enough to pick out. No trace of juniper or gin for that matter. Not entirely unexpected. Its whatever makes citrus shelf stable enough to last that long out of the¬†refrigerator.

The taste itself is decidedly not fresh, but somewhat more sour and less palatable than most sour mix is.

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