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Blending Gins


The art of blending is expanding into the world of gin. You may have seen such cocktails as of late if you are a patron of some cutting edge cocktail bars that tend to push the envelop; however, we predict this is a trend which is going to rapidly take the gin world by storm.

With the advent of contemporary gins, there are now more than ever gins which emphasize other ingredients than the humble juniper berry. If you have a flavor preference, odds are there’s a gin on the market today that pushes gin in that direction. This vast array of gins can now empower even the non-distiller to reimagine what their ideal gin might be and taste-like.

It’s also a way for fans of classic gin aficionados to embrace the new flavors while staying true to the style’s roots. But more on that in the blending section below. First, a case study of a cocktail found in the wild at one of my favorite spots, Pouring Ribbons in Manhattan, New York.

The Old Fashioned at Pouring Ribbons, July 2015

Case Study: The Old Fashioned at Pouring Ribbons

The cocktail itself is magical.

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Pouring Ribbons

I’d heard the buzz about Pouring Ribbons long ago. It’s been on my must visit list for far too long. When my friend Justin visited over Memorial Weekend we made a point of checking out some of the best new cocktail bars in the city.

However, we didn’t plan for the epic cold weather of Saturday and we postponed our bar crawl until Sunday. Sunday was beautiful. But our first visit, Dead Rabbit down in the financial district was closed [well at least the parlor]. So when we arrived at Pouring Ribbons we were ready to get down to business. Fortunately although there was a small line outside at 6 pm this wonderful Sunday, the 7 of us in that line were the only people in the bar for over an hour. Justin and I were fortunate to be at the bar on this quiet Sunday evening, and that’s where the cocktail journey began.


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What’s Good Firstly, all of  the drinks are arranged on two axis: refreshing to spiritous, and comforting to adventurous.

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