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Twice Legal Gin: Part 2

The review of the gin I made following the recipe I discussed in part 1 can be summed up thusly. When sitting on a table next to New Amsterdam Gin, Tru2 Organic Gin, and Gabriel Boudier’s Saffron Gin -my friends drank my homemade gin.

The taste of Juniper was overpoweringly strong. There were softer notes from the cinammon and dried citrus that would come through towards the end. It began with juniper, and ended with juniper. The fact that I used Svedka Vodka as a base was undetectable. Svedka was a relatively smooth vodka for the price (~13 dollars / 750mL), but some tasters remarked that it was “harsh” and despite the good flavor it didn’t compare to the smoothness of finer liquors. Next time, I might look for a better base vodka. Considering that the flavor came out spectacularly in just over one week of soaking.

The gin went well in tonic, and the strong juniper overpowered even the cheapest tonic. It was too strong and herbal, closest in aromatic profile to Tru2 and therefore not well suited for more strongly flavored or citrusy drinks. It would have had a compelling bouquet suitable for a martini, if it was smooth enough to be drank straight.

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