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The Columbia Room

columbia room

By now, my dimly lit cocktail bar photography should be legendary. I won’t use a flash, even where permitted (and here it most definitely wasn’t), so as to not disturb other people or draw attention to my blogginess. But alas, I blog anyway, although I try to do so covertly. In this case, the image at right is a picture of our first course at the Columbia room: the Pegu Club Cocktail.

In the back of the Washington D.C. bar The Passenger is where this wonderful place lives. A quiet bar in the back which seats nine. Reservation only (including a private restroom for just the patrons of the back bar). For a prix-fixe price you get three drinks: the house drink,  a drink paired with a small course, and one drink tailor-made to your specifications. The bar is attended by two knowledgeable bartenders who consistently impressed me with not only good drinks, but really stood out in the final course where they came up with our individualized cocktails.

As gin drinkers, you probably want to know about the gin. The bar’s selection is more “curated” as to provide options for as many drinks as possible, rather than “deep.” Only a couple of gins were present, but fortunately Plymouth and Tanqueray 10 were making their rounds, so at least you know they’re thinking quality.

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Pegu Club Cocktail w/ Oxley Gin

Going along w/ Yesterday’s “cocktails by consensus” post, I thought some documentation of an actual cocktail in action was necessary.

[Please take note of the festive pumpkin in the background…]

I chose Oxley gin because it had a lot of the elements of the classic London Dry style. I recommended a couple of gins yesterday that tend to emphasize and embrace their citrus side. Oxley embraces its juniper side.

Firstly, this is a particularly sharp tasting cocktail. Even the strong orange of the Cointreau did little to hide the spice and burn of the gin. The fresh lime provided a nice acidity and counterpoint to the bitterness of the Angoustra and Orange Bitters.  I chose The Bitter Truth’s orange for this one because I think it leans a bit towards sweetness; I could have easily gone with Fee Brothers to make a much more bitter cocktail.

Overall this was a satisfying (and strong) cocktail. Gin lovers and juniper aficionados will appreciate the classic styling and the acidity of this version; non-cocktailian folks may want to opt for a more citrus forward gin a bit less lime to create a delicious, but much more crowd pleasing version.

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Cocktails by Consensus: Pegu Club Cocktail


Pegu Club Cocktail

Site FooBooz Esquire Bitter Truth Pegu Blog: Classic Pegu Blog: Modern Wichita Crave Gin "Long Pour" 2oz. 2 oz. 3 oz. 3 oz. 1.5 oz. Cointreau 3/4 oz - - 1 oz. 1 oz. .5 oz. Lime Juice splash 3/4 oz 1/3 oz 1 oz. 1 oz. .75 oz. Angoustra Bitters 1 dash 1 dash - 2-4 dashes 2-4 dashes 2 dashes Orange Bitters 1 dash 1 dash 2 dash - - - Orange Curacao - 3/4 oz. 3/4 oz. - - - "Aromatic Bitters" - - 1 dash - - - Egg White - - - 1 tsp - -

Here’s a particularly contentious drink, where little consensus seems to exist as to what is the ideal recipe. So here we are to add a little bit of clarity, or a little bit of confusion to what is perhaps one of the most crowd-pleasing gin drinks of the late nineteenth century.

First, for a brief history: the Pegu Club Cocktail comes straight of Victorian era-colonialism. The Pegu Club was a famous cocktail bar in Yangon, Myanmar (formerly, Rangoon, Burma) where foreign officials and elites gathered to drink in a then-fashionable gentleman’s club.

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