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Jello Shots with Gin: Tom Collins Jelly Shot

Not too long ago, as a coda to the summer long celebration of gin that David and I called “50 States of Gin,” I held a little “get together” among friends to enjoy some of the great craft gins that had taken over my kitchen. The gin wife is kind and loving, but she will only tolerate 60+ bottles of gin for so long. So reviews having been written, there was only one way to properly pay homage to great American distilling. Spread the word!

My friend Laura helped me out in this celebration of craft gin by creating three different kinds of Jello shots. She was so kind as to share me pictures of the process and the recipes so you too can enjoy the wiggling, jiggling taste of gin and jello together once again.

For the record, we made the shots with Pinckney Bend Gin.

The ingredients of Tom Collins Jelly Shots: Lemon Syrup (stored in an empty salsa jar; there’s no salsa in these), club soda, cookbook, gin, plain gelatin, simple syrup, loaf pan

Club soda and lemon syrup

Letting the gelatin soak



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