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Cocktails for Christmas: Cascadia Fizz

Christmas is nearly upon us, and if you’re drinking like we are, you likely still have a half full bottle of Douglas Fir Eau De Vie to help you get in the Christmas spirit.

Today’s recipe I’ve seen floating around the internet and can be attributed to King Ferstein at Park Kitchen in Portland, Oregon.

  The Recipe

1 ounce Douglas fir eau de vie 1/2 ounce absinthe (or pastis) 1/2 ounce gin 1 ounce pasteurized egg whites 1 teaspoon simple syrup

Its a nice looking cocktail with one difficult ingredient: the pasteurized eggs. I didn’t have any on hand, and as I tend to not make cocktails with eggs when I mix at home. So I left out the egg.

Tasting Notes

Okay, tastes lot like absinthe. Faint hints of pine in the background, the gin isn’t doing much here- even with Oxley being pretty strong. This cocktail may need a non-herbal partner. The egg froth will definitely make it feel thicker, but not sure it will do a lot over the fact that even in the 2:1:1 ratio, this christmas cocktail is for the absinthe lover in your family.

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Pegu Club Cocktail w/ Oxley Gin

Going along w/ Yesterday’s “cocktails by consensus” post, I thought some documentation of an actual cocktail in action was necessary.

[Please take note of the festive pumpkin in the background…]

I chose Oxley gin because it had a lot of the elements of the classic London Dry style. I recommended a couple of gins yesterday that tend to emphasize and embrace their citrus side. Oxley embraces its juniper side.

Firstly, this is a particularly sharp tasting cocktail. Even the strong orange of the Cointreau did little to hide the spice and burn of the gin. The fresh lime provided a nice acidity and counterpoint to the bitterness of the Angoustra and Orange Bitters.  I chose The Bitter Truth’s orange for this one because I think it leans a bit towards sweetness; I could have easily gone with Fee Brothers to make a much more bitter cocktail.

Overall this was a satisfying (and strong) cocktail. Gin lovers and juniper aficionados will appreciate the classic styling and the acidity of this version; non-cocktailian folks may want to opt for a more citrus forward gin a bit less lime to create a delicious, but much more crowd pleasing version.

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