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1GD: The Corpse Reviver #2 with River Rose Gin

The Biggest challenge for any gin in my opinion in this cocktail is working in concert with the Absinthe. Even with only a single drop, it can overwhelm. The other ingredients are subtle at their very best.

There’s a big reason why I think this cocktail worked so well. I’m unabashedly big fan of floral elements in my gin. I’ve heaped praise upon G’vine and Seneca Drums for their floral bases and juniper botanicals. River Rose takes a slightly different approach, and in doing so, creates a rather unique bouquet in this complex cocktail. Plenty of rose up front, and yet on the tail of the taste you get the herbal notes of the absinthe, but still the warm sweet spice of River Rose. Though the juniper becomes subtle in this cocktail, River Rose Gin creates a novel spin and actually makes a Corpse Reviver #2 which tastes unmistakably of gin, but at the same time, unlike other gins in the same cocktail. Fortunately, I think this is the highest praise you can heap on a certain spirit in a given drink. Cocktails at times can mask the novel differences, but when you find the right fit between gin and drink- those differences elevate the cocktail.

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