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What Should I drink for? The Olympics

First, to all of my friends and readers over in London, I’m sure you don’t need me telling you what to enjoy. You have the entire world partying in your fair city.

This guide is for the rest of us, for us Americans who will be watching the opening ceremony on a tape delay. Speaking of which, how can you survive the indignity of already knowing the climax [who will light the flame?] and all of the well kept [mostly] secrets having been blown for you simply because you opened a webpage on Friday afternoon?

You’re going to need something strong. Strong enough to forget sort of strong. How about a Navy Strength Martini.

Okay. Do you live in the states? Perry’s Tot makes a great Navy Strength Gin.But don’t be afraid to substitute Plymouth Navy Strength if you’re overseas or happen to have some in your cabinet. Now while I really want to advocate going global here and using an Australian Vermouth, I understand that might be hard to come by.But it is the Olympics, so don’t settle for silver medals. Go out and get a good vermouth, Dolin maybe?

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