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Ginvent 2015

December 06, 2015 at 0103PM

Follow along with us this holiday season as we go through Drinks by the Dram’s 2015 Ginvent Calendar. You can follow along yourself at home by either picking up a calendar and either run ahead on your own by grabbing a copy of my latest book GIN: THE ART AND CRAFT OF THE ARTISAN REVIVAL (nearly all of the gins are featured in the book!) or staying tuned here for notes on the gins as we open them up alongside you.

For Ginvent, our rating system will be out of 5 ‘s and will instead be solely judging the spirit based on how it is on its own. Where we’ve done a more full review on the site, we’ll link to that as well.

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December 17th

Ferdinand Saar Quince Origin: Germany 30% ABV Quick Review: 

A cordial style gin that is absolutely exploding with good ideas! Riesling wine [check!]. Quince instead of Sloes [check!]. 30 botanicals! [check!] There’s just so many things happening that you can’t focus on what each of them does well. It’s an orchestra where everyone plays at once.

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What to Drink for? Repeal Day

On December 5th 1933, the United States of America said “my bad,” and announced that Prohibition of alcohol was over.

In our humble opinion, this is quite a good thing. One can safely say that all of these great American gins which are just making their way to the market would not exist if not for the 21st amendment. Secondly, your humble narrator would likely be rake, a scoundrel of sorts, probing the seedy underbelly of modern New York in search of libations; writing under a pseudonym, sipping gin only by candlelight and then pulling up a dark hood on my jacket, ingesting a single breath mint, and wandering back home in the hopes of passing by unnoticed.

Okay, so here you are. What should you drink to commemorate this momentous occasion? Surely a look to our forebearers in the time known as B.P [Before-prohibition] we can find some cocktails.

So let me dust off a musty copy of Tim Daly’s Bartender Encyclopedia. Let’s drink like its 1903:

Where to start with this one? Firstly, Maple Gin doesn’t exist anymore. Made once long ago by the Buffalo Distilling Company in Buffalo, New York, you won’t be able to find this on the shelf.

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