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Bar Review: The Drawing Room

henry house halifax

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My interest was piqued the moment I heard there was something of a “speakeasy” just a short couple of blocks from where we were staying while we were in Halifax.

Enter the¬†Drawing Room, the upstairs speakeasy at an unassuming pub [of which there are many it seems in downtown Halifax]. It’s only open two nights a week, Friday and Saturday. The space however, would not seem out of place in New York City, or any other city with a thriving cocktail scene. A dimly lit, well appointed bar, playing period appropriate music, with simple wooden seating. If this were in New York, you can be sure there’s be another 15 tables in here. But in Halifax? The tables were spread out far enough to give each party their own space. Though the atmosphere might have been a touch louder than other speakeasies, it never felt lacking in intimacy. The Gin Wife and I had plenty of space to enjoy our drinks.

Though, perhaps I am being unfair. Naturally, as an avid cocktail bar visitor in New York, it seems only natural to compare. This is the only place of its kind in Halifax [as far as I know.

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