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No. 209 Barrel Reserve Sauvignon Blanc Gin


Aged gin is hot right now. Very hot. But this particular release from No. 209 stands out. It was finished for three months in a barrel which once held Rudd Sauvignon Blanc wine. Available in limited release, in particular the Sauvignon Blanc gin, is quite unique and retains an oxidized, somewhat fruity character that I haven’t tasted in other barrel aged gins.

Also special among aged gins is its lovely pale straw hue, almost exactly the color one might expect to see in a Chardonnay style wine. A far cry from the burnt almond shell and deep golden browns of most aged gins.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, disarmingly quiet. It retains notes of stone fruit, a god deal of juniper, lemon and citrus with a touch of alcohol. It immediately stands out as a gin, but with a faint nose of oxidized fruit. Very interesting and quite good.

The palate begins somewhat understated. Sweet lemon and candied orange peel, bright peach and nectarine, stone fruit. The mid notes stand out as being the most gin like: cardamom and juniper. The finish is buttery and rich, with citrus, cardamom and some oak.

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