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Shiver Gin


We return to the great white North, strong and free! for yet another gin that we found while on our Canadian vacation. Though from the same distributor [and distillery as far as we can verify], Shiver Gin is markedly different than Iceberg Gin, in both presentation [a simple bottle] and flavor [well, you’ll see].

In our own <100 words

Shiver’s minimalist appearance tells it all. Shiver gin is about being environmentally friendly [recyclable bottle] and keeps the focus squarely on the gin. The water is pure [highlighting Newfoundland and Labrador’s greatest resources] and it factors prominently in the literature on the product. The vodka underneath this gin is quadruple distilled. But other than that there’s not a lot of story on this product. It’s just an inexpensive gin in a plastic bottle. Or is it?

Tasting Notes

The nose is pine, juniper, angelica with some lemon and orange notes. The low notes also lean towards the citrus with a slightly floral tweak. Pleasant notes of baking spice. Bright and fresh. Upon first nosing, it dispels the notion that the bottle defines its contents. Its nose is much more complex and inviting than you’d expect based on the graphics, labeling, and bottler material alone [don’t judge a book by it’s cover].

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