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Cocktails By Consensus: The Bronx Cocktail

Living in New York City and going out for drinks in New York City its impossible to escape cocktail-craft’s elephantine contribution to the lore of [and some might even say the ego] of this fare city. The so-called “New York City Cocktails” loom large. Some of the more famous ones, such as the Manhattan, have inspired books unto themselves. Other boroughs have a century long inferiority complex stemming from the fact that they don’t have a cocktail named after them [Queens*]. But today, we focus on perhaps the second most famous New York City cocktail: The Bronx.

ChowTed Haigh's Vintage SpiritsThe Noble ExperimentIBA "Official" Gin2 oz.1.5 oz gin1.5 oz.6 parts Dry Vermouth1/2 oz.3/4 oz.1/2 oz3 parts Sweet Vermouth1/2 oz.3/4 oz.1/2 oz2 parts Orange Juice1 oz.Juice of 1/4 orange1 oz.3 parts Angostura Bitters1 dash GarnishOrange WheelTwist of orange peel InstructionsShake w/ ice and strainShake w/ ice and strainShake w/ ice and strainShake w/ ice and strain

The roughest summary of this cocktail is: think a Perfect Manhattan, made with gin, and a splash of orange juice. Most sources, except the official IBA, mix using equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth.

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