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The discussion around it on the internet seems to be alike “gin snobs don’t like it because of its citrus-forward approach. I’d like to dispel that notion first and foremost. The citrus-forward perspective is NOT a reason unto itself. Here at The Gin is IN we’ve prided ourselves in reviewing contemporary style gins as spirits worthy of discussion on their own merits. We don’t penalize spirits for having a different take on gin. Lacking in juniper alone is not grounds for a bad review.

This is a re-write of an earlier review I did of New Amsterdam Gin. I feel like in reading some of my writing from the beginning of the blog I didn’t give the gins as thorough of a treatment as my later ones. Given the enduring popularity of this gin, I’ve been dying to give it a proper review and treatment. The original version of this was written in 2010. So for 2015, I’m going to give New Amsterdam a second chance. A clean slate as you will. I’m going to review this gin as if I had never reviewed it. Without further ado, let’s begin as we begin every other review here.

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From the World of Gin [June 14th, 2013]

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“The advent of adventurous distilling is bringing new life to all of the spirits categories, and gin is undoubtedly on the rise with over a dozen choices on the shelves already. 

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The Hot Gin Top 10 Chart

I did something like this a couple of years ago, which was the inspiration for me beginning a gin blog. I thought that nearly 6 months into this endeavor, it was time to update my top 10 and see if and how my tastes have changed. Miller’s starts at #1, and I think it might be very hard to find a gin capable of unseating it. But that does not mean I will not try.

Without further ado, the hot gin top 10 for September 2010…

This Week Last Week Weeks on Chart Name of Gin 1 2 2 Miller’s 2 3 2 Hendrick’s 3 1 *DEBUT* G’vine Nouaison 4 1 2 G’vine Floraison 5 5 2 Bombay Sapphire 6 4 2 Bluecoat Gin 7 8 2 Tanqeray Ten 8 1 *DEBUT* Gabriel Boudier’s Saffron Gin 9 1 *DEBUT* Beefeater Summer 10 1 *DEBUT* New Amsterdam

Dropping off the chart: Citadelle (last week, #6), Tanqueray with Rangpur (last week, #7)

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Twice Legal Gin: Part 2

The review of the gin I made following the recipe I discussed in part 1 can be summed up thusly. When sitting on a table next to New Amsterdam Gin, Tru2 Organic Gin, and Gabriel Boudier’s Saffron Gin -my friends drank my homemade gin.

The taste of Juniper was overpoweringly strong. There were softer notes from the cinammon and dried citrus that would come through towards the end. It began with juniper, and ended with juniper. The fact that I used Svedka Vodka as a base was undetectable. Svedka was a relatively smooth vodka for the price (~13 dollars / 750mL), but some tasters remarked that it was “harsh” and despite the good flavor it didn’t compare to the smoothness of finer liquors. Next time, I might look for a better base vodka. Considering that the flavor came out spectacularly in just over one week of soaking.

The gin went well in tonic, and the strong juniper overpowered even the cheapest tonic. It was too strong and herbal, closest in aromatic profile to Tru2 and therefore not well suited for more strongly flavored or citrusy drinks. It would have had a compelling bouquet suitable for a martini, if it was smooth enough to be drank straight.

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