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Nolet Silver Gin

nolet silver gin

I’m not a big fan of secrets. You know, sometimes its a little cold, – you’re on the outside looking in. So Nolet, what gives? You have some obscure botanicals: that much I’m certain of. The given list includes only Peach, Raspberry and Rose. I’m not going to claim that I can reveal the underlying secrets with my well-developed gin-tasting ability (I’m going to try though), but these three “known” ingredients are so obvious on their own, so overpowering and at the forefront- whether by suggestion or intention that they remain the focus of many reviews of this bold new entry into the realm of top-top shelf gins.

Where’s the Juniper?

The first thing that gin drinkers notice whether by scent or by taste is that the juniper is muted, almost missing. I definitely think there’s some juniper in here (and not just because juniper is essentially required to make a gin) but because there is an underlying mild spice that rings of juniper. It makes me think of the faint pine flavor that I once had in a Douglas Fir sorbet. Its pine, and I call it juniper just because its gin.

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