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Top 15 Tracks of 2013

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This is the annual week of the year between Christmas and New Year’s where I pretend I’m a music critic. Sit back, enjoy some tunes and we’ll be back with gin reviews in the new year:

The full playlist is included in Spotify below:


# Title —

15 Tegan and Sara – Closer I have a soft spot for upbeat pop that makes me feel like I’m in college again. Tegan & Sara have been trading on that feeling since I’ve been in college. There’s nothing sophisticated about a catchy over-the-top pop song, nor this remarkably shallow song that amounts a call to action. No, no, not political. Thing more of a Pony Up! call to action.

14 I break Horses – Denial Last year at this time I was absolutely in love with this small band called Chvrches, and their album which was over a year away was the thing I was most excited about in music. In 2014, I Break Horses’ next album is the thing which I’m most excited about. Both of their ’13 singles were excellent, but Denial is my favorite. Synth led, with the same sampled vocals that I so fell in love with The Mother We Share, but here bask in a darker tone that seems to exist some place between dancing in a dimly lit nightclub and synths for summer days and twee synth pop.

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Top 10s

Top 5 Music Videos of 2013


Every year for a few days, I fantasize that I’m a music writer. So while you’re hopefully enjoying the interlude between the New Year and the holiday season proper- maybe sitting back sipping on a gin, indulge me, albeit briefly: my favorite music videos of the past 12 months.

5 David Bowie – The Stars are out tonight I have a lot of love for Floria Sigisimondi’s work, and this video shows how she’s seamlessly been able to blend her penchant for haunting image with storytelling, all in a short 5 minute video. 4 Arcade Fire – Afterlife One brilliant and poignant song, three meditations on the theme. Emily Kai Block’s official video is masterful and devastating. The lyric video plays with the same heavy themes but in a more playful and hopeful manner; the youtube video live performance is the “break up” answer to Bjork’s “It’s Oh so Quiet.” Each of these videos touched me, and I attribute it to the masterful song behind them. But truly interesting to me about this is how the same theme in the hands of three different directors can be so radically different in feel and approach- and yet somehow ring true.

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Best Tracks of 2012

Every year, I like to pretend that I’m a music critic for a short couple of days. And every year, you humor me. Either by skipping this post in your RSS feed, or just being too busy with the holidays to read it.

But something crazy has happened in the last year. We kind of blew up. We got big. The Gin is In is no longer just a little slice of the internet that I happen to occupy, but instead its a place where a lot of people seek out advice on gin.

Well, I don’t want to let you down. But this is a big part of the tradition around here. So if you’re not interested in what I’ve been listening to this year, skip on ahead. We’ll be back with gin reviews next week. In the meantime, Happy Holidays and New Year. Here’s my top 15 tracks of 2012!

Near Misses: Shearwater’s “Animal Life,” Twin Shadow’s “Five Seconds,” Diamond Rings’ “I’m just me,” and Regina Spektor’s, “All the Rowboats.”

# – Artist Title —

15 Mary Onettes Evil Coast   With a chilly sound that evokes the feeling of their homeland- Sweden, this song has been on my playlist non stop since the single came out in November.

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