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What do I Drink for? Mothers Day

Mother’s Day poses an interesting dilemma for the cocktail connoisseur. Mother’s Day Brunch seems something of a tradition for many. But Brunch is in that grey area that happens sometime between sunrise and 1 in the afternoon [known in some cultures as “morning”] where a well-made cocktail is not something to be saluted, but instead, something to be frowned at, glowered upon, and thusly be judged. So what is a gin drinker to do? And most importantly, show mom a good time.

Do charts and graphs ever lie?

The Gin is In to the Rescue Its been widely established that it is okay to drink wine and champagne with breakfast (Journal of Brunching 1985), and therefore the Bellini and the Mimosa are a staple at most reputable brunching establishments. Additionally, the Bloody Mary is an acceptable brunch drink because it contains vegetables and according to one scholar “is sort of like a meal in and of itself (1991), therefore it is acceptable to have at brunch with your mom. But all of these drinks have one problem. No gin.

The Alternative to the Mimosa The French 75 at its core is a simple cocktail.

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