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Behind the Bar with Bols Genever

The other day I reviewed Bols Genever and I compared it to whiskey due to its almost malty complexity. So I decided to put it to work with the rest of my Manhattan equipment.

Setting the Scene and the Recipe: My current supplies include a classic and reasonably priced vermouth. Currently I’m using Martini & Rossi. There’s nothing wrong with Angoustra bitters, but I love the Bitter Truth’s Orange bitters. Instead of Rye or Bourbon, I used Bols Genever. I mixed them together using the classic recipe (5 parts Genever, 2 parts vermouth and a dash of bitters).

Parting Thoughts Bols Genever held up very well in a Manhattan. I think the orange bitters worked better with the subtle hints of gin-like citrus underneath the richness. The vermouth was good, but I think a richer, and perhaps more herbal vermouth (perhaps Vya?) might have worked better. Though I can’t tell you for sure, this is a cocktail I will try again, and perhaps tinker with it. I’m thinking next time, a perfect Manhattan, which brings in the dry vermouth as well.

Author’s Note: This is technically very similar to a Martinez.

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