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Cooking with Gin – Berry Jam Recipe


Hello friends, Gin wife here to talk to you about another delicious thing you can do in the kitchen with gin. Besides drink it, of course. Gin-berry jam! Which, come to think of it, you can put in a Gin Jam Cocktail. So you can drink this, too. Or put it on toast. Or both. No judgement.

Working with sugar is always tricky – break out the pants and long sleeves for this.

Now, this berry gin jam recipe will not preserve your jam on the shelf indefinitely. This will definitely have to go into the fridge when you are done. If you want to have jam that will last for months on the shelf, I’d look into how you sterilize and boil jam jars – plenty of resources out there! Also, you add gin to boiling liquid, but assume there will always be a trace amount of alcohol.

Berry Gin Jam Recipe

3 pounds fresh, clean berries – I used blackberry, strawberry, and blueberry.

7 and a half cups of sugar (about 4 pounds, measure it out!) – Yes, you need this much. Don’t try with a sugar substitute, it will not set in the same way.

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