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What do I drink For? Independence Day

The Fourth of July. A time of¬†Barbecues, sun, relaxation and America [gin anyone?]. But I know what you’re saying. When you’re out in the yard grilling up some steaks and the rest of your friends are pounding back a few “cold ones” you’re looking for something a bit more junipery.

I’m here to help. But first, put that bottle of Beefeater away. Lock the Bombay back in the liquor cabinet and don’t even think about grabbing that bottle of the Botanist. Sure it has over 30 botanicals, but today we’re celebrating America. And what better way than by drinking an American gin?

I’ve got you covered and you can thank me later when you’re enjoying a couple of cocktails.

I am a sucker for cheesy American flag and Eagle clip art. So please spare me this one eccentricity

Our first cocktail suggestions hails from Midtown Manhattan with the apt-named Firecracker cocktail.” Just the idea of pureeing another July 4th tradition [watermelon] immediately conjures up notions of having a watermelon seed spitting contest with your closest cousins. Additionally, this is a great cocktail to make ahead of time too.

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