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Tanqueray w/ Rangpur Lime


First we reviewed Tanqueray’s entry level gin. We then reviewed their top shelf version called Tanqueray No. 10. We now are going to take a look at Tanqueray w/ Rangpur, one of the earliest craft variations from a major distiller. (Beefeater just seems to be getting into the game in 2010, but this was out in 2006)

Question 1: What is a Rangpur Lime? This is an excellent question. Firstly, it’s not a lime. It’s a hybrid of a lemon and a mandarin orange/tangerine. (picture at right). Also, it doesn’t even really taste like a lime, although it has a strong acid bite to it- which is probably about the only thing it has in common with the fruit you named on the bottle. In China they call it a Canton Lemon. I could imagine that if Tanqueray’s bottles were a distinctive yellow, perhaps they would have gone that route. But green bottles + rangpur = “let’s call it a lime.”

Question 2: If its not a lime, does this drink go well with lime in cocktails? Most definitely. The strong citrus flavor will harmoniously accompany  any citrus ingredients you add to the drink.

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Gin & Tonic

A classic. The Essential. and it dates back to the 18th century (so says Wikipedia).

This is my favorite drink in the world, and though I have a personal recipe I use, I am going to share a few of the different ways this drink can be made.

The Golden Ratio: The ratio of gin to tonic in a Gin and Tonic is subject to variation. David Rosengarten at the Food Network suggests a 3:4 ratio, as long as you use “Tonic Ice Cubes.” The Webtender advocates a  2:5 ratio. You’re likely to find every ratio in between as well as many saying about 2 oz. of gin, and just fill the rest of your glass with tonic.

Some Citrus: Lime Juice is key in many variations on the Gin and Tonic. Art of drink Advocates using a “nice fresh limeto squeeze in and garnish with. Freshness isn’t always mandatory: some just specify lime juice, whereas others are explicit and specify Rose’s Lime Juice. Don’t worry, some recipes say lemons are better. And I sometimes leave the lime out altogether

Drink by Consensus: This part will likely be more interesting for drinks for which there are a wider variety of recipes, but here I will try to combine the research and differing recipes into a general guidelines as to what the most comment elements of a drink are:

A handful of ice cubes About two shots of gin Fill the rest of the glass with quality tonic water A dash of any kind of citrus, garnish with citrus fruit of choosing

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