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Cocktails by Consensus: The Gimlet

GinuaryWilliam Hamilton @ NY TimesDavid Wondrich @ Gin60 mL4 oz.2 oz2 oz Simple Syrup1/8 oz Lime Juice Cordial15mL1/2 oz. Rose's2/3 oz. Rose's1/2 oz Rose's Fresh Lime Juice1/2 oz. GarnishLime Wedge1 Thin Lime Wedge InstructionsStir w/ ice and serveShake w/ ice and strainShake w/ cracked ice and strainStir w/ ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass

I don’t blame you if you’re as uncertain as I am of how to make this drink. Sure, the ingredients are as clear as day: Rose’s lime juice and Gin. But nowhere else this side of the Martini do you get as much of a variation in the ratio of the two ingredients. David Wondrich calls for 3:1 ratio, which is by far the most “limey” of all of the variations. I find this variation to be best for those who really like Rose’s lime juice. For everyone else, this variation is overwhelming. William Hamilton sits at the other extreme calling for an 8:1 ratio of the two, but he softens it with a 1/2 oz. of the real thing. Sure, that makes it closer to a 4:1 ratio, but keep in mind, Rose’s Lime Juice and Lime Juice are not the same thing.

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