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Letherbee Gin

letherbee gin bottle

Letherbee Gin has been created to be the “anti craft, craft gin,” says its distillers aiming to provide an affordable, high quality gin that’s main use is to be poured at bars, to become the main pour at restaurants. It’s not about the bottle, the bottle is an afterthought: its minimal appearance and cryptic tagline “Gin for wellness” are probably not enough to stand out on what is now a really crowded shelf. They want to stand out as a gin, as a local affordable well gin [made in Chicago], not as a package on a shelf of gin.

Commendable, as I judge a spirit not by its wrapper [though some are very nice], but by what’s inside.

Tasting Notes

Strong nose, juniper, fennel, cubeb and a bit of pepper. Gin like, with a bit of an edge. The taste is very loud, even by gin standards. Juniper begins early, some lemon peel, citrus rind, and coriander. The spices begin to shine in the middle before coming out quite loudly in the finish. Fennel and licorice, with a finale that really brings a bit of heat. Long fennel seed note on the finish.

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Gin News [September 21st, 2013]


There’s a certain crispness to the air. Fall has arrived, and with it comes all the trappings of “dark spirit season.” While Gin season never ends here (and for good reason) those of you who believe your spirit should match the color of the leaves can start breaking out the aged gin and Old Toms. The rest of us, well what do you say we enjoy a brisk autumnal G&T with a side of decorative gourds?

And without further ado, here’s what’s going on in the world of gin this week:

New Product Launches

Hey distillers! I know you’re here reading. One of the hardest things is keeping up with all of the new gin launches out there, especially from small American distillers. We do our best to have our ears to the ground, but I know there’s even more of you out there.

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