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How to Identify a Phony Bottle of Gin

I was intrigued a couple of months ago where a twitter friend of mine enlisted my help in identifying a bottle of gin that was seen on television. I (of course) boldly took on the challenge. But I failed. I tried to use the colors of the logo on the bottle to identify the probable make. I even cropped out the logo and used Google’s image search to find images which looked similarly. I also failed. So what was it? What bottle of gin could foil me?

It was a prop from a television show. A fake.

So next time, how can you tell?

From the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Title 27

There shall be stated:

(a) On the brand label: (1) Brand name. [x] (2) Class and type, in accordance with §5.35. (3) Alcoholic content, in accordance with §5.37.  [x] (4) In the case of distilled spirits packaged in containers for which no standard of fill is prescribed in §5.47, net contents in accordance with §5.38(b) or §5.38a(b)(2). (b) On the brand label or on a back label:

(1) Name and address, in accordance with §5.36. [x] (2) In the case of imported spirits, the country of origin, in accordance with §5.36.

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