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Gin News [July 12th, 2013]

Awards from the Field
    [Category Winner Standard] – Oliver Cromwell London Dry (gold) [Category Winner “Premium”*] Gibson’s, Ish, Martin Miller’s, Edinburgh Gin and Bedrock Gin (master) [Category Winner “Super Premium”*] No. 3, Langley’s No 8, Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve, Dodd’s, Berkeley Square, Whitley Neill (master) [Category Winner Micodistillery] Hernö Gin and Dodd’s Gin (gold) [Category Winner Spiced Gin] Darnley’s View Spiced (master) [Category Winner Navy Strength] Hernö Navy Strength (master) [Category Winner Organic] Hernö Navy Strength and Dodd’s (master)

* ed. note, Premium? Super premium? Has any gin competition come up with less useful categories? 

New Product Launches Out Now: Who Else Was Talking about Gin This Week? Other Gin Reviews Quote of the Week

Those who love gin, love it.

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Gin News [July 5th, 2013]

Awards from the Field New Product Launches Out Now:

If you’re in the UK, it was a big week for gin launched with the Imbibe Live Bar show featuring several new brands.

Who Else Was Talking about Gin This Week?
    It was a quiet week for gin news, but Forbes did a piece on gin facts which range from interesting and relatively unknown [fact #5] and only half true today, and becoming less true every month [fact #4]. Slate’s Kara Newman tries to defend lower proof spirits and contemplates what the trend towards Navy Strength spirits says about drinkers’ palates. Bombay Sapphire is trying to tell the story of the botanicals in its gin in rather new and interesting ways.

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