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What do I drink for? The Holiday Season

No matter what you’re celebrating, happy Christmas, merry Chaunakah, a joyous Kwanzaa, a prosperous solstice and New Year, there’s a gin drink to celebrate your holidays with.

HAPPY XMAS. Now what do I drink?  Well if you’re celebrating Christmas, I think its safe to assume you have a seven and a half foot pine tree in your living room, decked out in your family’s finest spherical ornaments and familial Hallmark heirlooms? Then let me suggest something a bit literal. Pine. Let’s bring it.

You’re a gin drinker. Do you have a bottle of Douglas Fir Eau De Vie?


Put it on your list and then come back. Yes? Let’s go.

Pine Needle Press: 2 large cucumber slices. 2 parts of a nice juniper forward gin. 1 part Clear Creek Douglas Fir Eau De Vie 1/2 part Lemon Juice 1 part simple syrup. Shake ingredients with ice, strain and serve in a cocktail glass. Top with soda warter. Garnish with a lemon twist or pine branch.

Its bright (it’s green) and it tastes like a fresh Christmas cocktail should.

HAPPY HANUKKAH! Now what do I drink?

As you light the candles on your menorah you might just be looking for something to drink while basking the glow of candlelight.

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