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Derby Drinks?

For those of you gearing up for the most disproportionate amount of pre-game coverage to actual sporting event™ in all of American sports, I’d like to direct you to a classic post of mine from last May where I outlined a few great drinks to get you through the six hours of “inside the barn horse talk” and “outside the barn jockey interviews.”

What do I drink for the Kentucky Derby?

I will leave you with the greatest gin related moment in Kentucky Derby moment in history. From the 1994 Derby a little horse by the name of Go For Gin* won the race.

*I don’t care that the name probably refers to cards and not the spirit. And neither should you. What are you doing reading footnotes on a blog? Don’t you have some cocktails to be making?**

**The Gin/Linguist Wife would like to point out that to “gin” also meant to liven things up. In research that, she also learned that horse trainers also used to put ginger in…places…on a horse to perk it up. Or live eels. Aren’t you glad you read the footnote of the footnote?

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What do I drink For? The Kentucky Derby

The Derby Cocktail Sure this cocktail might be more apropos for a horse race in England, but hear me out hear.

2 oz Gin [preferably dry, and definitely chilled is best] 2 Dashes of Peach Bitters [Fee makes a good one] 2 sprigs of fresh mint Stir and strain into a cocktail class. Optional: Garnish with an Olive according to the original source; later versions of the cocktail omit this element.  

So is this peachy, slightly minty, but mostly still just a very dry martini too boozy for you? Let’s try another cocktail that might be a bit easier on the old palette.

Cherry Julep Ahh, the bastard child of the Kentucky Derby staple, “Mint Julep.” Gone is the bourbon; in comes the gin. Plenty of sweetening elements that make it a bit more of a hot May afternoon sort of cocktail

2 oz.

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