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Jello Shots with Gin: The Negroni

We continue our series on Jello Shots w/gin [made by my friend Laura] with the one that I was most excited about: The Negroni.  The Negroni shots were not a huge hit, as oddly the intersection between those who were most enthusiastic about Jello shots did not intersect with those most enthusiastic about Negronis.

The Ingredients:

(water) (orange zest) (gelatin) 1/3 cup Campari 1/3 cup sweet italian red vermouth 1/3 cup Pinckney Bend Gin

Ingredients in the Negroni jelly shot: Orange (to be zested), sweet red vermouth, gelatin, gin, campari (in a cup, because Aaron provided it), cookbook.

A layer of Negroni shots. Now, lets mix them up:

Overall, I thought they were excellent. Taste remarkably close to a Negroni. Good amount of bitterness from the Campari and a hint of gin flavor. Well balanced. Better than expected, and without the saccharine sweetness I was expecting from my favorite drink committed to the medium of gelatin.

Again, a special thanks to my friend Laura who made the shots and took all of the pictures. They were all wonderful, and I know at all future parties where to turn for fantastic jello shots that don’t remind you one bit of the ones you might have seen in college.

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Jello Shots with Gin: The Bees Knees Jelly Shot

For those of you who can’t get enough gelatin in their gin, we’re back with another post and another type of “Jelly Shot.” Today we take a look at a slight variation on the Tom Collins: the Bees Knees. There’s many cocktails that have different names with only a change in one ingredient. If you swap the sugar/simple syrup in a Tom Collins for honey, then you have the Bees Knees.

These are slightly sweeter, and have a warmer mouth feel. Honey doesn’t just sweeten, but it adds a little richness. While the cocktail is vastly different due to the change of one ingredient, the Jello shots are slightly different. But definitely more robust.

Again special thanks to my friend Laura who so kindly made the shots [which were excellent] and documented the process with precision [also excellent].

Bees Knees Jello Shot

    2/3 cup lemon syrup 1/3 cup honey (water) (gelatin) 2/3 cup gin [and again, we used Pinckney Bend for our jello shots]


Ingredients of Bees Knees shots: Lemon syrup (still not salsa), honey (shown twice because I measured it before I took this picture), gin, gelatin, cookbook.


Adding a little food coloring so you can tell the Bees Knees and Tom Collins shots apart.

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Jello Shots with Gin: Tom Collins Jelly Shot

Not too long ago, as a coda to the summer long celebration of gin that David and I called “50 States of Gin,” I held a little “get together” among friends to enjoy some of the great craft gins that had taken over my kitchen. The gin wife is kind and loving, but she will only tolerate 60+ bottles of gin for so long. So reviews having been written, there was only one way to properly pay homage to great American distilling. Spread the word!

My friend Laura helped me out in this celebration of craft gin by creating three different kinds of Jello shots. She was so kind as to share me pictures of the process and the recipes so you too can enjoy the wiggling, jiggling taste of gin and jello together once again.

For the record, we made the shots with Pinckney Bend Gin.

The ingredients of Tom Collins Jelly Shots: Lemon Syrup (stored in an empty salsa jar; there’s no salsa in these), club soda, cookbook, gin, plain gelatin, simple syrup, loaf pan

Club soda and lemon syrup

Letting the gelatin soak



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