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Cocktails by Consensus: Jam in My Gin

Drinking in AmericaThe Gin Blog [UK]Madam Geneva's via YumSugarBrunellos Have More Fun Gin1.5 oz.2 oz [or vodka]2 oz gin Old Tom Gin50 mL Dry Vermouth.5 oz. Lemon Juice.75 oz.30 mL1 oz.1 oz. Simple Syrup15 mL1 oz Creme De Mure Liqueur15 mL Jelly1 tsp RaspberryBlackberry"Spoonful" [Raspberry suggested, but open ended]1 spoonful, seasonal jam. Garnish-One spoonful of jam on top of ice. InstructionsMix; stir w/ ice; strainShake jam, gin, lemon and syrup. Shake with ice, strain and serve.

Ever since first visiting Madame Geneva in NYC, I fell in love with the the combination of gin and jam. But at my last visit, the fabulous cocktail had disappeared from the menu. So now, I am left to my own devices and my own bar for my gin/jam fix. So although I don’t think this cocktail has an official name [that I know of] I went to the internet to see what the consensus is. How do I make a jam cocktail, and in particular are there other variations on the Madam Geneva recipe that I fell in love with.

The 3rd column is the closest in my opinion to the version I had at Madam Geneva’s.

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