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Gin News [July 12th, 2013]

Awards from the Field
    [Category Winner Standard] – Oliver Cromwell London Dry (gold) [Category Winner “Premium”*] Gibson’s, Ish, Martin Miller’s, Edinburgh Gin and Bedrock Gin (master) [Category Winner “Super Premium”*] No. 3, Langley’s No 8, Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve, Dodd’s, Berkeley Square, Whitley Neill (master) [Category Winner Micodistillery] Hernö Gin and Dodd’s Gin (gold) [Category Winner Spiced Gin] Darnley’s View Spiced (master) [Category Winner Navy Strength] Hernö Navy Strength (master) [Category Winner Organic] Hernö Navy Strength and Dodd’s (master)

* ed. note, Premium? Super premium? Has any gin competition come up with less useful categories? 

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Gin Reviews

Ish Limed Gin


About a year ago we reviewed Ish Gin. For those of you who haven’t tried it, it’s the gin with the 50 Shades of Gray marketing campaign a.k.a the softcore bondage handcuff advertising campaign. I won’t rehash my review [available here] but suffice to say, I thought it was a rather good gin. So when David brought me a sample of Ish’s new Limed gin, I was kind of excited to see what they had in store. I don’t have any Ish so doing a side by side review isn’t possible. But where possible I’ll try and compare it to their main offering as best I can recall.

Bouquet and Palate Nice juniper on the nose. Hint of citrus, not necessarily lime. But citrus for certain. Smells quite classic, quite nice.

Spicy at first on the palate. Hint of coriander and warm spice.Warm bread notes. Evolves quickly, building heat. Sharp juniper, bright and brisk. Citrus on the close, a little bit of heat. Slightly lime, slightly lemon. Long finish with a bit of heat in the corners of the mouth, a little bit of lime and a little bit of almond and even a vegetal herbal note of cucumber on the close.

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Gin Reviews

Ish Gin


I like to downplay marketing as much as possible. I’m one of those people who like to believe that I buy absolutely nothing simply because I was marketed to. But there are sometimes that marketing is almost inseparable from the product. Sometimes this is a good thing: how can you have had Hendrick’s even once without noticing their expansive advertising campaign and overuse of the word Peculiar. Other times, and Ish’s case this can be a bad thing. The assaulting music that explodes through your speakers when you visit the website and the seemingly out-of-nowhere fetish oriented promotional shots (handcuffs anyone?) are almost off-putting to me. Clearly, I’m not their target demographic. Which is too bad- because behind all of the pomp and handcuffs. there’s actually a pretty decent gin inside.

Tasting Notes Lots of pine and juniper on the taste. Rather sharp, but not too harsh.  The Juniper gives way to a sharp orange note. Hints of a coriander on the nose and taste. The palate is remarkably traditional, and actually rather pleasant. The finish is bitter and a tad dry, with lingering hints that bring to mind comparisons to Myrtle Orange.

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