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Moonshine Kid Dog’s Nose Hop Gin


Hops for Gin Lovers

The Chinook Hop is described by HopUnion as having “medium intensity spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit” with an “acceptable aroma.” BeerAdvocate¬†describes it as “herbal, almost smoky” when used late during your boil. It’s only been around since 1985, but it’s become quite popular, especially as of late with craft brewers and home brewers in their IPA’s.

The Columbus Hop has a “pungent aroma” that adds drama to bitter ales and American IPA’s and HopUnion adds that it has black pepper, licorice and citrus notes. It’s a common ingredient in Pale Ales, and the home brewing community claims that terroir can be readily discernible in these hops, even when it’s punching you in the fact with citrus and pine.

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