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What do I drink for? The Holiday Season

No matter what you’re celebrating, happy Christmas, merry Chaunakah, a joyous Kwanzaa, a prosperous solstice and New Year, there’s a gin drink to celebrate your holidays with.

HAPPY XMAS. Now what do I drink?  Well if you’re celebrating Christmas, I think its safe to assume you have a seven and a half foot pine tree in your living room, decked out in your family’s finest spherical ornaments and familial Hallmark heirlooms? Then let me suggest something a bit literal. Pine. Let’s bring it.

You’re a gin drinker. Do you have a bottle of Douglas Fir Eau De Vie?


Put it on your list and then come back. Yes? Let’s go.

Pine Needle Press: 2 large cucumber slices. 2 parts of a nice juniper forward gin. 1 part Clear Creek Douglas Fir Eau De Vie 1/2 part Lemon Juice 1 part simple syrup. Shake ingredients with ice, strain and serve in a cocktail glass. Top with soda warter. Garnish with a lemon twist or pine branch.

Its bright (it’s green) and it tastes like a fresh Christmas cocktail should.

HAPPY HANUKKAH! Now what do I drink?

As you light the candles on your menorah you might just be looking for something to drink while basking the glow of candlelight.

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Behind the Bar with Seneca Drums Gin

I spent the 2010-2011 holiday season in Buffalo with my dear family. My in-laws (who are lovely people, and readers of this blog, so consider this a “shout-out!”) usually stock gin for the sole reason that I will drink it when I am there. They had bought a bottle of Bombay Sapphire a couple of years ago, but  said bottle ran out during a particularly heated “Iron Chef” competition with my wife’s future sister in law (consider this another “shout-out!”). So I, being the lovely person that I am, went to the store and bought a bottle to replace the one I “killed.”

That bottle was of Seneca Drums gin, and considering the fridge was well stocked with Q Tonic, the drink was an easy one to decide upon.

Setting the Scene: Again, this is the holidays. Hardly a mixologists’ convention. So we’re going easy here. Easy to make, and easy to drink. Though, I will say- in this case leaving the lime out was not laziness (though it could easily be mistaken for such….) it was due to the complexity and bouquet of the gin at hand. There is so much going on and so much to appreciate in Seneca Drums gin, that I elected to forgo the lime- which is unusual as in most cases, Q Tonic’s bitterness requires that bit of sweetness.

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