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Piping Rock Mint Flavored Gin


Should you drink the liquor in those quote unquote “collectible” miniature bottles?

The answer seems to generally be “no,” due to spoilage, evaporation, and “fear of the unknown.” But I am not a collector. I have no aspirations in my life of harboring assortments of things which have no greater use. So when I receive a mini, my question is: can I actually consume this?*

This specific bottle of Piping Rock Mint Flavored Gin seemed an ideal candidate for experimentation. It was well sealed and seemed to have suffered from seemingly little evaporation. It was in a glass bottle and seemed to be only (only!) about thirty-ish years old. I can vouch for the safety of thirty-year old booze, but that’s another story altogether.

Tell me a bit about Piping Rock… Firstly, Piping Rock still exists and still does make gin. Predictably, it is rather inexpensive. Their Sloe Gin is still widely available for a little less than a single Hamilton [and that’s for a full 750mL]

The name Piping Rock has been in use as a brand for gin since 1935 (and was registered officially in 1955) by Luxco hailing out of St.

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Negroni Week: Where did it come from?

The Negroni sounds like a cocktail out of movie. Our scene begins in France.

General Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni was a hero in the Franco-Prussian war; a decorated general who served for over 40 years in French military service. After the military? He had a fairly uninteresting life working as a Rodeo Cowboy in the United States.

Anyway, the eponymous cocktail is so called because the Count requested that his local bartender replace the club soda in an American w/ some Gin. For those of you unfamiliar with the Americano, or the Milano-Torino as it was called in the Count’s days, it is an official IBA Cocktail- and if I may comment- one that I’ve never seen anyone order outside of the James Bond movies:

Americano Cocktail: 1 part Campari 1 part Sweet Vermouth 1 part club soda Serve on the rocks with an orange/lemon garnish

What happens when you replace the Club Soda w/ gin? First and foremost, it goes from footnote in the IBA manual to subject matter for this blog. But most importantly, it adds an element of spice. Juniper is a spectacular compliment to the herbs and bitters of the Americano cocktail.

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