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Hat Trick Botanical Gin

Hat Trick Botanical Gin

The scene: downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

The stage: the dark pre-2013 world where craft distilling still hadn’t found it’s way to the cocktail loving people of Charleston. The Tavern, the nation’s oldest liquor store had nothing of its own-city to call its own.

This was all set to change when Ann Marshall and Scott Blackwell opened up High Wire Distilling Co. As co-master distillers and owners, they are bringing craft distilling back to Charleston. They have many spirits in the works and planned, including rum and vodka- but the subject of our discussions today is their Botanical Gin.

The bottle calls to mind turn-of-the-20th-century culture, with the distinctive art on the bottle.

Tasting Notes

The nose is bright, juniper, orange peel, and fresh lemon. A bit sweet, slight jam notes as well faintly on the finish, with a touch of alcohol. A bit contemporary.

The palate is rich and full bodied. Dry touch of juniper at first, then creamy vanilla and lemon, earthy mid notes, spearmint leads off the finish, bright and strong. A hint of that floral/jam note, intimates hibiscus and fresh fruit, but not quite altogether distinct. Lingering orange rind, angelica, and rosemary- long and smooth.

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Gin News [November 22nd, 2013]


Thanksgiving is right around the corner for those of you in the states, and Hanukkah as well. So although none of this week’s articles or launches celebrate either of those two holidays, there’s a couple of new gins out there: one from the US, another from the UK, one from Australia and a Canadian launch as well. So truly a worldwide sort of week in the world of gin.

What’s New?

Who Else is talking about gin this week?

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