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Gin News [July 26th, 2013]

New Product Launches

Awards From the Field

    Congrats to Ford’s Gin who won the prestigious Best New Product Award at this years Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards. The International Wine and Spirit Competition only gave out a huge amount of medals to gin this year [go to this link and do a search for gin if you want to see the whole list….]. In brief, a couple of the Gold Winners were: Adnams Copper House Distilled Gin, No 3. London Dry Gin, Gibson’s London Dry and Bathtub Gin from Master of Malt. The list of silver medals among the various categories is actually quite diverse with a couple new names like Canada’s Ungava and rare overseas brands like Muhlvierteler from Austria getting some well deserved credit.

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Gin Reviews

Hernö Navy Strength Gin


This is the second gin from Hernö brenneri and the northernmost distillery gin distillery up in Dala, Sweden. We previously reviewed their 41% Swedish Excellence Gin.

Northernmost Navy What?

Q. If there was a Navy, let’s say hypothetically, would they be operating anything other than icebreakers?

A. Well, let’s dispel this notion. In theory, the nearest large city to Dala, Härnösand is known as a Harbor city, and its climate, while cool, is similar to Buffalo, NY. While this is the northermost gin distillery, it’s not so northern that a Navy – in theory – couldn’t operate out of the town where it is distilled. So dispel the notion that this is a spatial anachronism of sorts. On to the drink!

Tasting Notes on the World’s Northermost Navy Strength Gin The nose is a bit different than the lower proof batch. A little bit more emphasis on the floral, and a decidedly pronounced bit of heat. You can tell that this is going to pack some strength just from the scent.

The palette emphasizes some different notes as well. Up front, quiet on the lips. Takes half a second for the intensity to build.

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