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Brockman’s Gin

brockman's gin bottle

Books and Covers seem a common theme here at The Gin is In. Bottles often tell us a lot about a product, in particular one where we might be willing to try something new, it can be the only thing we have to go off of. Fortunately for distillers, brand loyalty as strong as it is, is not as strong as “spirit loyalty,” and the willingness of people to experiment or try something new is why the hundreds of new spirits entering the market stand a chance. Sure, I want a vodka, but perhaps I want a new vodka today. Or in this case [and every case on this site], gin.

And what might bring you to purchase a new bottle of gin? Surely if you’ve done your research or brought a smart phone you might look for tasting notes. Or Reviews. But other times, you might not put that much work into it. Your desire for gin is strong. You’ll buy a gin. But you’re going to try something new. How about¬†that bottle.

And that is where my friends the book/cover thing is so very important. There are people making decisions based on this fact.

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