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What do I drink for? Euro 2012!

This might be one of those rare moment where those who follow me for my “American Perspective” might be rather thrown off.

I [like many others] have been watching the Euro 2012 tournament and I [like many others] have been enjoying a satisfying adult beverage while watching said games. But here’s the question: what should I have to quaff while watching? And most importantly, I don’t want to be drinking the same thing as the supporters of the French side, especially not when I’m cheering on Sweden.

If you Support Germany, the favorites at this point…. In your case you want something that fits your position. You’re clearly the favorites, so you can take it easy- but not too easy. Right? So you need an effortless cocktail. For you I’m going to recommend a Negroni, a cocktail surely befitting a tournament favorite. But wait, you shouldn’t take that with just any gin. How about Schlichte, the only gin to be a protected regional style in Germany. Go with a 1:1:1 ratio of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari and enjoy the games.

Are you supporting the French in the Euro Quarters?

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Aviation Week!

Its the holidays. Perhaps you were expecting a holiday gift guide, or maybe the construction of some elaborate gin themed holiday staple (like a gin tree? like a gin-vent calendar?). I’m sorry to disappoint, but instead- bare with me here. I thought, let’s take a look at one of the most fabulous cocktails in the gin lover’s repertoire: the Aviation cocktail.

The Aviation is a fantastic cocktail for a few reasons. One, although its a gin drink, the violet + lemon combination is such a far cry from the bitterness of Gin and Tonic, that often times people are surprised to know its a gin cocktail. Its a great entry point to gin. Secondly, its a strong cocktail. The stereotype of gently colored drinks is that they’re “easy,” “gentle,” or otherwise fauxtinis. I assure you, this is none of those things. It is a definitively boozy cocktail. Third, I think its a great way to showcase some of the key characteristics of New Western/New American Gins. The floral notes of gins like Aviation, Seneca Drums  or any of the G’vine gins are highlighted in this cocktail like none other.

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Tonic Water

Review: Q Tonic

q tonic

The first tonic water I’m going to review if the first craft tonic I’d ever tried. Before Q tonic, it was just your standard supermarket brands. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them, and it’s not as if they don’t have their merits, but Q tonic represented a big change to the game for me. The quality of the gin was no longer the only consideration. How does the tonic work? Is the tonic right for this gin? Is the tonic even good? Let’s begin.

Q tonic began in Brooklyn, NY when Jordan Sillbert (as the oft-repeated story goes) realized to his dismay he was drinking top shelf gin with tonic water with a peeling label that he found in the back of the cooler at his neighborhood bodega. He created Q tonic as an answer to this. Gone is the high fructose corn syrup and in is agave nectar. Real, high quality quinine is used as well. Gone are plastic bottles, in are classy glass bottles. Up, up, up goes the cost.

My first reaction many years ago was that “Q tonic is bitter.” I still think it is, but not in a negative fashion.

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Other Thoughts

The Hot Gin Top 10 Chart

I did something like this a couple of years ago, which was the inspiration for me beginning a gin blog. I thought that nearly 6 months into this endeavor, it was time to update my top 10 and see if and how my tastes have changed. Miller’s starts at #1, and I think it might be very hard to find a gin capable of unseating it. But that does not mean I will not try.

Without further ado, the hot gin top 10 for September 2010…

This Week Last Week Weeks on Chart Name of Gin 1 2 2 Miller’s 2 3 2 Hendrick’s 3 1 *DEBUT* G’vine Nouaison 4 1 2 G’vine Floraison 5 5 2 Bombay Sapphire 6 4 2 Bluecoat Gin 7 8 2 Tanqeray Ten 8 1 *DEBUT* Gabriel Boudier’s Saffron Gin 9 1 *DEBUT* Beefeater Summer 10 1 *DEBUT* New Amsterdam

Dropping off the chart: Citadelle (last week, #6), Tanqueray with Rangpur (last week, #7)

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Gin Reviews

G’vine Floraison


I’ve reviewed Nouaison by G’vine previously, but my first G’vine gin love was Floraison.

There is no more fragrant gin on the market. When you open the bottle of gin or take a sip of a drink with Floraison in it, the floral and fruity aroma hits you in the face. No, I’m serious. Its unmistakable- the blend of scents that reminds strongly of grapes (which is not coincidental, as the base is made from distilled grapes) and the taste hints of sweet baking spices and spring flowers, that linger. Floraison has a long refreshing finish that is unique among gins that I’ve had.

It is hardly traditional. The Juniper is hidden, almost not there. If you carefully savor it you can detect a slight hint of it in the background. This is one of those gins that I’ve served non-gin drinking friends- and they loved it. Its interesting like an exotic flavored vodka and complex like a port or whiskey.

It is great in a gin and tonic. Stay clear of the lime though, this gin does not need nor demand citrus accompaniment. Also, use a better tonic water as the sweet taste of more inexpensive waters drowns out the subtle complexities.

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Gin Reviews

Tru2 Organic Gin

tru2 gin

Loftily billed as the first “100 % Organic Gin,” Tru2 doesn’t look like your average gin. It has a brownish color that looks more like watered down whiskey. The scent is only vaguely gin like. Drinking it straight it reminds me of Chartreuse: Overwhelmed by a blend of herbs, some of them very pungent. As I poured myself a drink I wondered “is there any juniper in here?”

In Gin and Tonic, the herbal combination overwhelms the tonic water. The Quinine doesn’t quite compliment Tru2 gin properly, though it is somewhat more palatable when mixed with ample fresh lime. But, because the herbs are center stage in Tru2, this gin does not lend itself well to mixed drinks. Unless you’ve felt your Tom Collins or Gin Fizz was missing the strong aroma of constituent spices, I’d recommend drinking it straight as a Martini.

But this gin is not for everyone. It may not even be for your usual gin drinkers. I highly recommend it for those who like a strong herbal component to their gin. To use an analogy: this is not the subtle rose in Hendrick’s, this is the Grapes in g’vine.

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