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A Gin Wife’s Retrospective

“A Year Two Years of Being a Gin Wife”

I commented to the Gin-Husband today, “Gee your blog is a whole year old!” I thought, ah, I am such a supportive spouse. He will know that I keep a keen eye on his blog! I am interested in his works!

He responds, “It’s…two years old.” <Insert a frowning face>

Damn. Good thing I know, uh….I know how to….dust? Yeah, I kept our apartment free of dust. I’m good for something.

Happy two years of gin drinking and writing.

In the spirit of anniversaries, I’ve compiled a list of new experiences gin, and blogging thusly, has brought to my life. It’s the season of lists, right? Better than a list of resolutions I’m never, ever going to follow. (In fact, as a tangent, I’ve had a standing resolution for about ten years: No New Year’s resolutions. It’s worked out surprisingly well.)

Without further frippery or ostentatious verbosity, I present: A Gin Wife’s Retrospective, What Gin has Taught Me, by Katey, age 28

1. Gin makes your  house smells like pine trees, even in July.

…Pine trees on fire.

2. Space will be lost for my secret stashes of yarn, to be replaced by gin.

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Other Thoughts

Guest Entry: How I learned to stop worrying and love the gin

Hello Gin fans. This is Katey, the long-suffering, bourbon-preferring wife of Aaron. I pestered Aaron into letting me write a guest entry; mostly to pad my writing portfolio. Here is a little open letter to all of you in the gin world out there.

Gin Fans,

I have to admit. My first introduction to gin is not as crystal clear in my memory as some people’s. This was not a “fall in love at first sip” sort of story.

I’m sure the first sip I took came from a dirty plastic cup at some smoky bar with an improper mixer, possibly even club soda?! After a hazy encounter or two, I thought of gin as nothing more than pine needles soaked in gasoline. Which, I have to be honest, is still what most gins taste like to me.

Alright, alright, I hear the snorts of disbelief (mostly from Aaron). The gasoline note of gin isn’t nearly that strong. Barely even flammable.  Moving on.

But I never really gave gin a sober thought. It was only after this blog started, and the gin came rolling through my house, that I began to think: “What is wrong with Aaron?

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