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Seagram’s Gin and Juice: Green Dragon w/ Ginseng

Seagram’s Gin and Juice, Green Dragon with Ginseng seems an odd intersection of two things: the [should be] trend of the premixed cocktail and the trend of adding ingredients with purported health benefits to drinks which otherwise are sugary treats [here’s looking at you Vitamin Water].

Ginseng? This isn’t Ginseng in the same sense of Ginseng as a botanical in gin. Well, they are one and the same plant. But in a gin you might suggest that the ginseng adds a flavor, or is trying to create a certain character in the gin. In Gin and Juice, the ginseng is probably here for one of its two primary attributed folk-medicine characters. Either as an aphrodisiac, or as a caffeine-alternative wake-you-up sort of stimulant. Take your pick. Take one. Take both. It’s not adding any flavor to this. Speaking of flavor….

Yes, Speaking Of Flavor The nose is sweet, again kind of fake, but kiwi predominantly. A little bit of kool-aid. Inoffensive, inviting.

The taste is a bit more rounded out. There’s a hint of alcohol in here. Not quite juniper or something gin-like, but very clearly present. Strawberry recognizable, very sweet, fake kiwi present.

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