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Ingenium Gin


Looking through my archives, I was surprised that I hadn’t reviewed this gin sooner. ¬†After all, Ingenium Gin has cropped up in so many different posts already. I tested Cocchi and Lillet with Ingenium; I brought it to the 50 States of Gin tasting, and yet I never gave it a proper write up. So apologies for the delay. If you’re a reader of my blog and you’ve been wondering about this rather new gin. Curious? Good, let’s take a closer look at Maine’s latest gin. From New England Distilling in Portland, Maine, we review Ingenium.

Nose and Taste: It smells rich and earthy, on the nose. At the tasting, one reviewer called it a bit of a “coriander bomb.” The earthy, spicy character is the first thing that you experience. On the nose, its a bit of alcoholic burn.

The taste is remarkably true to the nose. Again, a good deal of spicy rich coriander, Angelica and Orris seem present as well. There’s a bit of subtle juniper in here too, but its very quiet playing a complimentary role.

It also has a taste close to Genever. Rich and warm notes of grain come through.

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